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Aug 24, 2022 Fun Facts

Your Role Can Be Great In Implementing This Law

We’re sure you’ve heard of the False Claims Act, but you’ve never been sure what it stands for. That’s why we at the False Claims Act have described in detail what that law is and how it is applied.

This law was created many years ago, but as times changed, the law also changed in step with new trends and needs. Many large corporations, in their desire to earn as much money as possible, begin to engage in activities that go beyond the scope of the law. They do it so skillfully, that it is very difficult to detect them. Many doubt them, but no one has the appropriate evidence, which would stop such embezzlement of the state, and therefore also of taxpayers. That is why the state is looking for those who will participate as whistleblowers in certain corporations.

False Claims Act

Their main task is to collect as much information, data and evidence as possible that will show what kind of business these corporations are engaged in. From the collected fine, when the trial is over, the offender receives a certain compensation. It is always determined in advance who will drink the percentage, which is not small at all and amounts to 15 to 30%.

If you decide to take this step, be sure to hire a whistleblower lawyer, because you will need his help. They will give you advice, collect facts and evidence together with you and guide you to the next steps you will need to take. Once a lawyer determines that you have enough evidence against a particular corporation, they will help you file a lawsuit. At every trial, your lawyer will be with you and you will act as he advises you. That way, the judgment will be passed in your favor AND in favor of the state.

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